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Saline FeWo-Neumayr Ferienwohnung Neumayr Bad Kreuznach Brückenhäuser Salinen

Bad Kreuznach
The spa at the river Nahe

Bad Kreuznach is an old city, there are already celtic settlements
occupied from the 5th Century BC.

Around the year 58 BC, the Romans arrived and built a supply station
for the “Römerstrasse” which Mainz and Trier Metz led. In the year
370 even the “Auxiliarkastel” was established.

1235 respectively 1270 Kreuznach got its charter by the counts of
those of Sponheim.
The city got early awareness through a song of the minstrel
Tannhauser in the 13th century.

Until the 18th Kreuznach century saw a checkered history and from
1708 on it belonged to Kreunzach Palatinate. At this time, the first
graduation houses were built for salt production, although probably
the Celts have won salt from the salt-containing sources before.

But the success of the spa came only on 1817, when Dr. Johann Erhard
Prieger used the the brine for the first time for drinking and Spa
It became so successful that around 1822 foreign guests came to
the city for treatments and the “Kurviertel” area arised.

Since 1924, Bad Kreuznach now leads the title of "Bad" in the city

Until the First World War Bad Kreuznach was an internationally
known health resort and destination for blue-blooded and rich
bourgeois guests.

From 1906 on, in addition to the brine now radon were used, which
today even in the one and only radon tunnel in Germany can be seen.

Bad Kreuznach is not only known for its cures. Also the vineyard in
that region is of a very high level, and some very renowned wineries
are located in that area.

In industry, it observes that the famous companies Seitz Filter and
Optische Werke Schneider are headquartered in Bad Kreuznach.

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